Photographs: Maybe the best collection on the Web?

The old display of photographs was again getting very large. I have now split the old photographs pages into more sections and in the future it may be further subdivided. There are well over one hundred and fifty images to look at. All are displayed as thumbnails which are about 2-3 Kb each. Clicking on a thumbnail displays a single large image of much better quality, 30Kb – 100 Kb in size which will take time to load. To return to a thumbnails page please click on the back button on your browser.

Warren’s Digicam18Peak District classics
Brian Cropper’s Page22Classic shots of legendary climbers and locations
Recent21Recent additions to the site, mixed areas, categories.
Simon’s 118Peak Gritsone with shots of moorland routes too
Simon’s 28Classic Stanage edge shots
Roger Brooks’8Beautifully shot and edited; classy photography
Paul Forster’s10Hard and bold routes from the Peak and Europe
Theo’s collection6Scenic bouldering in Chamonix, France.
Burbage Valley area8Featuring Burbage North and South, Higgar Tor, etc.
Froggatt and Curbar18From HVS to E5 lots of classic routes
Stanage Edge12More classic Stanage by Dave
Peak Grit24Wharncliffe, Bamford, Roches, Gardoms, etc, etc.
Bouldering16Some good shots from all over
El-Chorro8Mainly scenic shots with info from January 2001
Grit out of the Peak12West and North Yorkshire gritstone
World and Misc.16Because its in this section doesn’t mean its not interesting!
Limestone16I wish I had more to show, good stuff though
Buddle’s Peak18Now here!! … DO not miss this selection! Front cover stuff!
Buddle’s select18Now here!! … Baggy Point, Wales, Scotland, brilliant!!!

Most of my photographs are snapshots that have been taken when out on the crag. I don’t go out climbing to take photographs but always have a camera handy to use. However, some of the results are quite pleasing and here they are. Other people have been kind enough to scan and E-mail me shots for inclusion in these pages which is brilliant because there were too many shots of me and friends and the particular grades and styles of climbing we enjoy / have available here in the UK . If you own any shots you would like to see on the net or any comments please mail me.

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© I wish to thank the following people for their contributions to the photo pages:- Paul Forster, Mike Buddle, Gary Gibson, Dave Parry, Simon R, Clay Cole, Peter Draper, Martin K, Richard Bingham, Roger Brook, Paul Barton, Theo Bourdeau and Warren. I hate this sort of thing (being totally non-commercial) but all photographs are copyright of the Dangerous Pages (David Law) or their owners. If you want to use any please contact me.