Where to Stay

Where to Stay

A question I get asked quite often from people who don’t live near the Peak District, or are from overseas, is where to stay, etc. The range of people’s requirements is quite wide varying from camping to hotels. Here’s a little information and a few links that might help.

With Transport
If you have transport and want to visit a few different places or have a lively time during your stay probably the best place to stay is in the city of Sheffield. Most of the popular eastern edges can be accessed from Sheffield City centre in about 20 minutes. Travelling to the south or west of the Peak District to Matlock or the Roaches, for example, will take a little longer (40 minutes). Once out of the city the roads in the Peak District are well used but generally are clear. However, Bank Holidays or hot sunny weekends bring out hoards of people from the surrounding towns and cities and congestion around the Peak District towns and villages can be a problem. The areas around Matlock bath and Chatsworth can be very busy during these times.

Staying in Sheffield
Sheffield has many places to stay from the YMCA, which offers basic hostel facilities, to expensive hotels with all facilities. There are quite a few privately run inexpensive bed and breakfast establishments too that may be worth a look. There are two tourist information offices one in Sheffield centre and the other at the railway station who will assist with finding and booking accommodation. It is best to stay on the west side of the city, which is best for getting to the Peak and luckily is the area with the most accommodation.

Transport without a car from Sheffield
If you don’t have a car travelling from the City to the Peak is possible on public transport and there is a dedicated bus service for climbers from Sheffield into the Peak called “the Stanage bus”. Alternatively many people hitch a lift into the Peak particularly from the Ecclesall Road area around Hunters Bar (One of the main roads out of Sheffield into the Peak) but hitching is a matter of personal preference.

If you don’t have transport or want to stay in the Peak District itself it is probably best to camp. During the summer, campsites can be quite busy, but it should always be possible to find something. Facilities at campsites vary tremendously but full details can be found along with an idea of price on some of the sites indicated on the accommodation links page. Do not forget the insect repellent!

The accommodation links below contain the links in this text and other links that I found and thought might be useful to get a flavour of the area.

Sheffield is a large city, which is quite lively at night, and generally speaking it is “safe”. I hope that this information helps you find what you want and that you have an enjoyable time in the area. If you have any specific questions contact me me and I’ll see if I can help you.

Accommodation and Flats http://freespace.virgin.net/l.walch/main.htm

YMCA and B&B info http://www.shef.compsoc.org.uk/~soma/accommod.html

Sheffield info with accomodation http://www.usefulinfo.co.uk/sheffield/accommodation.htm

Sheffield and Peak links portal http://www.sheffnet.co.uk/links/links.asp

Peak info & camp site section http://www.peakdistrict-tourism.gov.uk/peakdistrict/

Sheffield info http://www.sheffieldcity.co.uk/

Sheffield and Peak portal http://www.sheffnet.net

General peak site with camping info http://www.cressbrook.co.uk

Rent a cottage at Matlock in the south of the Peak Area http://www.croftedge.co.uk